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Old Style Log Works, Inc. have been specializing in custom designed, handcrafted Scandinavian Full Scribe and Chink Style log homes for over 20 years. We would like you to get a first hand look at some of our work, so please feel free to take a look at a selection of our homes. We update our gallery of homes on occasion so please feel free to check back from time-to-time.

2013 Gallery

montana winter log home Log house yard Log home dining room Log home night patio Log house exterior window Log home porch Log home entryway Log house entryway Log home loft Log house front yard Log home back porch Log house den Log home stairwell Log house dining table Log home landscaping Log house driveway Log home foyer Log house living room Log home dining room Log house porch

2012 Gallery

Log house in Flathead Valley Log home dining room Log entry Log fireplace Log home hallway snow log home montana snow log home Log house interior log house interior Log house Log house deck Log house Log house kitchen Log house interior log house Log house Log house Log fireplace Log house interior Log house chairs