Questions About Log Home Building and Construction

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Frequently Asked Questions

Luxury log home dining room

How much do handcrafted log homes cost?

If contracted to a complete stage for the structure only the cost will be $175 - $200 per square foot. Many high-end homes will go up to $350 - $450 per square foot.

Are log homes really maintenance intensive?

They can be. Log home maintenance depends on the specific log cabin construction. Insist that whoever designs / builds your project understand the benefit of large roof overhangs; this is the most important aspect of log structure protection. The ILBA web site has guidelines for this.

How much is the log work portion when building a log home?

The cost of the log work portion is a minimum 25% of the finish cost of the structure. Prices usually start at a minimum of $40 per square foot.

What kind of logs do you use for home construction?

We have Lodge Pole Pine, Engleman Spruce, Western Larch and Western Red Cedar and Douglas Fir available. Materials used depend on the individual style desired and the specific log home design.

Should I go with dry or seasoned?

We use dead standing Lodge Pole Pine or Spruce if the client is dead set on it and doesn't mind the characteristics(checking, bug holes, sap wood staining) of a dead standing log. Many clients like a more rustic log home look. However, a lot of our work is done with seasoned logs. Seasoned logs are bought green, de-barked, end-sealed to prevent checking, and stickered to dry. The end result is a very clean log with fewer blemish’s than you would see in dead standing wood.

The type of wood chosen reflects the type of log cabin construction; smooth, cleaner lines, or a more rustic design. Each of our handcrafted log homes reflects the various design elements in log home construction.

What size logs do you use?

The average size we use is a 12" top diameter, yielding approx. 14" at mid-span and 16" at the butt end of the log. Larger homes often use larger logs for roof systems and vertical posts.

How long does it take?

For, average size homes (2500-3,500), and smaller log cabins, build times vary from 7-12 months, with approximately one third of that used for the log construction.

What is your lead time?

Log home building can take from 2 to 18 months, depending on details and design. We operate on a first come first serve basis and do only a limited amount of work each year. It is best to call to find this out.

Do you ship log homes anywhere?

Yes, we have shipped home to states from Maine to Oregon and from Alaska to Arizona. A lot of our work is done in NW Montana and surrounding states.

How do we start?

Start with education on log homes. Make sure you know basic distinctions of milled logs to handcrafted logs. Magazines, Websites and books help. If a handcrafted log home is what you desire. Ask yourself; do I have the resources? Do the multiplication and unless you are doing a small log cabin getaway, chances are you are going to be spending a minimum of $400-500,000. Be honest with yourself.

Ok, I can afford it. What next?

  1. Send us your plans, sketches and ideas. We will give you some ball park costs and suggestions.

  2. Set up an appointment and come to our location. We have a lot of pictures, a clean, comfortable sales office and can show you what we do.

  3. Let us take you out and show you some of our projects.

  4. Let us provide you with references of past customers as well as credit and business references.

  5. Show you contractually how we proceed.

  6. Set a schedule and get started.